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F for effort! AOC tweets alternate headline for an article she CLEARLY didn’t read trying to DUNK on the GOP

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez quit Facebook.
If only she’d quit Twitter.
But then again, who else would we make fun of most every day?
This time AOC tried her hand at writing an alternative headline for Sam Levine with HuffPo.
We’d give her an A for effort but we’re pretty sure that’s why she’s a depraved Socialist Democrat in the first place.
From HuffPost:
House Democrats overstepped their authority by asking state officials for information as part of an inquiry into allegations of voter suppression, top Republicans on the U.S. House’s investigatory committee said Monday.
The Republicans on the House Oversight and Reform Committee voiced their objections Monday in a letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the committee chairman, and Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.), who chairs a subcommittee on civil rights and civil liberties. The two Democrats sent letters to officials in Georgia, Texas and Kansas earlier this year asking for documents related to controversial election decisions in 2018.
“We have serious concerns that your letters appear to be an attempt to insert the Committee into particular state election proceedings, for which we do not see a legitimate legislative purpose,” Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), the ranking member on the committee, wrote in a letter signed by three other Republicans. “By seeking voluminous records relating to election administration of sovereign states, your investigation offends state-federal comity. In fact, the respective states are already working to resolve any issues with their election administration.”

Republicans actually object to the feds overstepping … that’s it. But yeah, it’s HuffPo and they need to pretend it’s Republicans who cheat when it comes to voting and not Democrats. That or she just read his clickbait headline and didn’t bother with the actual story.
Maybe a little bit of both.
Alternate Headline: Democrats shadowboxing with an invisible foe to virtue signal so hard going into 2020.
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If you:

A) read the article, before getting your followers all frothy

B) understood the constitution and the bill of rights.

You would realize that this is a clickbate headline and a states rights issue
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And if you look at the responses on her tweet she got exactly what she wanted, a bunch of uninformed, overly-emotional fist-shakers calling Republicans dirty cheats.
The irony of this coming from someone who likely votes for Democrats.
Right, it’s the GOP throwing temper tantrums.
Can you verify If house and senate republicans are actually American citizens. Like can we see all thier birth certificates..
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*loud siiiiiiigh*
Ain’t that the truth?

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  1. Tsarina Cortez is a high school sociology experiment gone horribly wrong..