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HE better buckle up! DBAG blue-check author’s attempt to silence Kirstjen Nielsen with social media BITES him right in the a*s

Full transparency, this editor had never heard of Don Winslow until this morning but apparently, he’s some author who thinks he has the power to threaten and bully publishers about which authors they decide to publish.
Doncha love it when a privileged white guy goes out of his way to silence a woman?
Good times.
ANY publisher offering a book deal to Kirstjen Nielsen aka @SecNielsen better buckle up.

And I really mean buckle up.

Me and every author I know will be vigorously exercising our freedom of speech rights across social media and elsewhere.

An author claiming he’s using free speech to silence the free speech of another.
Perhaps Don should rethink this threat because let’s face it, this is a threat. What if a bunch of Conservatives and Republicans decided to do the same to him? And from Tweeps’ reactions to his tweet, this could be problematic for him … he might want to buckle up.
This is gross and an awful take.

Will you burn her books if they are published?

Great example of a tweet that ought to be deleted once the ardor cools.

It does indeed.

Let’s hope his editor is a better writer than he is.
This is why I don't read his series despite being interested in them and having seen good reviews...

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Womp womp, Don.

Freedom of speech is fine! As long as you agree with the speech? I think you don’t understand the concept.
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This seems like a good time to remind everyone that it is . Go find yourself a new author to enjoy, one who wouldn't use their fandom to silence the voice of others and crush their stories.
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Surely this put the breaks on any book deal that might've happened. I'm not even a publisher, and yet, I'm shook... I can't imagine how scared they must be. Freedom of speech is terrifying.
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Literally. Shaking.
The left is silencing free speech again, who would of thunk it?

Maybe they will pile all her books up and set them on fire. I bet its already in the works.
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"Me and every author I know will be vigorously exercising our freedom of speech rights across social media and elsewhere."
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He should write a book about it.
LOL who is Don Winslow? Buckle up everyone, Don Winslow is going to be exercising his freedom of speech rights. Vigorously! Everywhere! 😂😂😂

Ahh, uh ha. Hmmm. Don Winslow... Now this is funny! Just stop, it hurts!
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I'm quite sure the publicity would be great for her book.

I worked with Kirstjen Nielsen tangentially back in the day - she's not a bad person, and threats from brownshirt fascists like yourself don't change that.
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So you will exercise your free speech to silence someone else's? How very progressive of you comrade.
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So you’re going to use your freedom of speech… To suppress freedom of speech… And you can’t see why you look like an absolute idiot?
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Incredible and yet totally predictable.

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