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Hillary Clinton’s lecture to Trump about not being ‘above the law’ triggers tsunami of spit-takes

Hillary Clinton has lost both her bids to become President of the United States, and it’s obvious that self-awareness is something else that has eluded her for many years:
Oh, Hillary.
Yeah, because he deleted 30k emails then destroyed several cell phones......wait....that was YOU.

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The “above the law” goalposts are mobile and Hillary Clinton likes to be the one to decide where they sit on any given day.

She should, but she’s proven she absolutely will not do that.


  1. OMG if any power couple in US History PROVED they were above the law it is the Clintons. Lying, rape, murder, treason and all else between.

  2. Well, well, Mrs Clinton....were you not acting 'above the law', when you told Obama YOU will be Secretary of State, even though you lost your seat???
    Is it not true, you blackmailed Obama into giving you that position?
    I wonder how many TRUE Hillary supporters there would be if that information was made PUBLIC?