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Honey, get a GRIP! INSANE take on Barr’s presser from NYT columnist proves just how UNHINGED these ‘firefighters’ really are

AG Barr’s press conference this morning may well have been the final straw that broke the media’s back. We haven’t seen this many explosions and temper tantrums since election night 2016. Guess if we’d spent YEARS pushing a Russian-collusion hoax story in hopes of getting Trump impeached that turned out to be a total nothingburger we’d be losing our minds as well.
This ‘take’ from NYT columnist Michelle Goldberg isn’t even the most insane take we’ve seen this morning, but it’s up there.
That arrogant, willfully misleading press conference was shocking even by 2019 standards. We continue to underreact to our government's transformation into an authoritarian junta.

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Willfully misleading.
She could be describing the media in this tweet.
And authoritarian junta? Does she realize if this were true she wouldn’t be able to tweet such things in the first place? We knew today would be bad but holy cow.
Guy nailed it.

Something like that.
Not seeing a whole lot of sympathy for the media this morning.
Gosh, that’s strange.
Too late.

There may not be enough Snickers bars in the world today.

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