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‘Keep up the good work’! David Hogg wants people to leave these ‘banks that are bad on guns’ for his birthday, EPIC backfire ensues

For anybody willing to base their financial decisions on the whims of David Hogg, he’s let them know what he wants for his birthday:
Today's my birthday!

All I want today is for everyone who reads this to leave Chase Bank or Wells Fargo and call them at

Wells Fargo: 1-800-357-6675

Say your leaving because they give money to gun manufacturers.

Thanks 💕

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Are many taking on Hogg as their financial adviser? It wouldn’t appear so — at least, not yet:

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Here's how JPMorgan and Wells Fargo are doing so far today. Keep up the good work it seems to be very effective.

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At last check, those banks were still in business.
20,000 likes x $6.23 average account balance for David Hogg followers = $124,600 in assets lost. Brutal day.
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"Cancel it."
"It doesn't look like you have an existing account with us sir."
"Just cancel it. I don't like guns."
[fake typing noises] "It's... cancelled sir."
"Thanks. Now I need to call the New York Times and cancel my subscription again."
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Me: "Hello bank, I'm leaving."

Bank: "OK, your auto loan balance is $15,000. We accept cashier's checks."

Me: "..."
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LOL. And the backfire is building:
I was planning on leaving one of the banks you mentioned but will now stay since they support gun manufacturers
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Also, a minor point:

Maybe he’ll learn that at Harvard.


  1. The idea is dumb-as-a-hogg.

  2. lol lil hogg has no following in spite of his attempts. why doesn't he caLL call it a day and disappear.