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‘Leave the Poor Defenseless Act’: New Jersey governor proposes $550 fee to own and carry a gun

If that pesky Second Amendment and the Heller ruling affirm that you can’t keep American citizens from carrying firearms, the least you to do to promote gun control is to charge confiscatory fees for exercising that right.
The New York Times reports that New Jersey Gov. Philip Murphy has proposed raising the state fee for owning and carrying a gun from $27 to $550.
Having a gun in New Jersey could soon cost 20 times as much: Gov. Philip Murphy’s proposed fees — $550 to own and carry a gun, up from $27 — would be among the highest in the U.S. https://nyti.ms/2XyoGlq 

Remember that awesome ratio when “Kimberly” argued, “People from low-income areas are usually not educated enough to find jobs/make a living and shouldn’t have guns,” adding, “Why should they have to protect their families if they don’t possess things that people might want to steal?”
So sure, let’s price gun ownership right out of the hands of a lot of people. Poor people don’t have anything anyone would want to steal anyway.
This is de facto discrimination against economically disadvantaged people by unreasonably burdening their ability to exercise a Constitutionally protected right.

Pricing the poor out of a constitutional right.

In other words, an unconstitutional poll tax.

This re-packaged poll tax is as fundamentally, constitutionally flawed as the original.
It didn't pass constitutional muster to tax away the right to vote, nor will it pass constitutional muster to tax away the right to bear arms.

Great. Make it even MORE prohibitive (class warfare, anyone?) for low income folks to protect themselves and their families with a firearm. You know, because crime is so much lower in low income areas....

I can't really see SCOTUS treating this as anything other than an unreasonable burden infringing on a Constitutional right. But, okay.

In other words, making it even harder for minority and single mother firearm owners to exercise their constitutionally guaranteed God-given right?

This is just Democrats wanting to disarm the poor. They did the same thing with Jim Crow and voting. Expect nothing different.

So the poor will not be able to protect themselves, those with means will do as they always do and criminals will continue to prey upon those they know can’t afford the “fee”...liberal logic at its finest!

Making it too expensive for economically disadvantaged citizens to participate in their Constitutionally given rights is wrong, whether it is voting, speech, assembly, or protection of their families. This should not stand.

And they’re wondering why people are fleeing that garbage state for places like Florida, Arizona and New Mexico...? LOL!

Good idea. Hurt lawful gun owners, and keep guns in the hands of criminals, which aren’t paying his stupid license fees to be begin with.

As a NJ resident, I've never been too interested in buying a gun. But if this proposal is voted yes on, I'm going to rush to get myself a gun (or few) before this goes through. That's tyranny right there.

If dems don't want people to have guns, why aren't they providing non-lethal self-defense weapons to people who need them? You want to take people's means of self-defense and replace it with nothing? It's almost as if they don't actually care about the people...

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