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Math is HARD: Alyssa Milano DRAGGED for writing the dumbest, most full-of-crap thread EVER on taxes for #TaxDay

This editor comes across some pretty stupid threads while reading through timelines. It’s Twitter and more often than not, people are, well, sorta stupid. But every once in a while a stupid thread REALLY stands out, one that BEGS to be written about, one from a famous person who has blocked Twitchy … like this disaster on taxes from Alyssa Milano.
1/ Now that Tax Day is almost here, and Americans are seeing for themselves who the Republican Party really cares about. Here are some things to remember ahead of Tax Day: (Thread)

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Things to remember about taxes.
From Alyssa Milano.
Have we mentioned everything is stupid?
Because. People. Paid. Less. Taxes.
Tax refunds aren’t made up of money the government just magically decides to give certain Americans.
Ugh, our head hurts. The stupid … wow.
3/ According to a recent NBC/WSJ poll, only 17 percent of Americans think their taxes went down, and a majority don’t think they got any tax cut at all. And this isn’t partisan. Only 33 percent of Republicans think they got a tax cut.

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The media did their job then, didn’t they? Reality is most Americans received a tax cut and if Obama and the Democrats had done this the media would have made sure EVERYONE knew it. But since it was evil Trump and the Republicans they did their best to push the lie about the rich and corporate taxes.
See what we mean?
4/ And we just learned from the Center for Public Integrity that the number of big companies that pay zero taxes—that’s right, zero—have gone from 30 to 60.

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Big companies that sustain and grow communities while employing people? Monsters.

5/ But here’s the thing—Americans aren’t dumb. We knew from the beginning what Republicans were doing. As of March, the GOP tax scam only had a 36 percent approval rating. That’s worse than Trump’s.

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Americans aren’t dumb.
Alyssa on the other hand …
Who knew most Americans were GOP donors?
Never EVER trust Democrats.
Yet, all-in-all, you basically admitted that Americans reported that their tax witholdings were down by 6 BILLION dollars! That's exactly why their refunds were down. That's how it works! It means that they had use of an extra $6 Billion throughout the year to fuel the economy!
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It’s like Alyssa and the Left don’t understand how taxes work.
You do see how the cuts to the corporate tax rates have sparked one of the best labor markets in decades..
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No, no she does not see that.
I’m a lower middle class small business owner. The tax cut went to people like me to help keep our doors open and allow us to give employees additional work/hours. Even though it didn’t help everyone working for a big corp, it helped several million people put food on the table.
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You're an idiot. The benefits change this year so next year's tax returns show it. Also less was held it every paycheck last year. Rates changed. Your tax return want meant to be a savings account. Just a raging imbecile.
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This all coming from someone who had problems with paying their taxes... you know what I didn’t have to give the IRS a dime. Nor did they owe me anything. Thats the way it should be. You either very disingenuous or ignorant . Which?@FieldAngelica
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Your tweets are not only irresponsible, they are flat out false. I wish you would stop this charade that you actually know how anything works.
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Not true. The vast majority of people got a tax cut. It’s easy to find out the facts if you really want to know. This information isn’t hidden.
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Okay genius, explain how the Democratic plan of taxing us 70% for government chosen health care is better for the middle class? And why aren’t you pointing out the millions who went bankrupt paying into Obamacare that was a mandatory tax?
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Why is your tax returns lower? Probably because you didnt pay as much in federal tax which would put you in a lower tax bracket.
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Well as someone who works 7days a week just to pay my mortgage all I know is I'm getting a refund this year because the standard deduction was doubled.
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They said please.

Yeah, us too.

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