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Meghan McCain calls Bernie Sanders support of letting prisoners vote ‘bats**t insane’

Meghan McCain isn’t waiting for The View cameras to share her latest political takedown.
The Republican TV personality took to Twitter Tuesday morning to weigh in on Monday night’s town hall forum featuring Democratic presidential contenders. During the CNN-hosted forum, Sen. Bernie Sanders expressed support for letting prisoners keep their right to vote — even for rapists and terrorists like the Boston Marathon bomber, Dzhokhar Anzorovich Tsarnaev.
(Photo: Screenshot/The View)
“Yes, even for terrible people,” the Vermont senator said of fighting what he called the Republican Party’s efforts to “suppress the vote.”
When pressed by moderator Chris Cuomo about letting a convicted terrorist with American citizenship vote from prison, Sanders argued that to take away the vote was a “slippery slope.”
“This is a democracy, we’ve got to expand that democracy, and I believe every single person does have the right to vote,” he said. 
Though McCain is certainly not a fan of President Trump, she made it clear that she wouldn’t support a nominee who would float such a proposal, calling it “bats**t crazy” and “deeply offensive” to the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.
Supporters of fellow Democratic hopeful Pete Buttigieg were quick to remind McCain that he disagrees that prisoners should be able to vote, while some objected to her portraying all Democrats as “crazy,” citing Sanders’s affiliation with the Independent Party. Others simply mocked her for sharing her opinion.
On The View that day, hours after McCain tweeted, topic was debated between co-hosts. McCain called Sanders’s standpoint “disgraceful.”
“It is not hard to say people who commit acts of terror in this country should not only be punished but god forbid they should have any rights that any of us had or someone who commits a low-level crime like smoking pot or getting caught with a dime bag of pot and going to jail. It is not hard to put lines between terrorists and people who commit low-level crimes,” she said. “If Democrats want to drag everybody this far left, this is why people like me are so upset and so disenfranchised with how extreme this is. It is not hard to say the Boston terrorist was a psycho lunatic who is a threat not only to national security but shouldn’t be allowed the right to vote in any elections, it’s not that hard.”
Following a heated debate with Whoopi Goldberg, during which Goldberg said multiple times that McCain’s “missing the point,” she concluded that she “would appreciate it if Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris said there are true monsters in this world and true monsters for me are domestic terrorists.” She added that she believes that radicalized terrorists should not only be denied the right to vote, but shouldn’t have the “right to have anything in this country.”

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