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MELTDOWN: Benny Johnson, Laura Ingraham, Greg Gutfeld and others MOCK the crap out of CNN’s post-Barr coverage

Guys, stop what you’re doing and turn on CNN right now. Their ginormous panel, who all have the exact same opinion on the Bill Barr press conference, are in full meltdown mode right now and “it is a sight to behold”:
Guys, I'll never tell you to watch CNN - but they are in full on shivering, quivering panic-mode right now.

It is a sight to behold.

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Look at all of them:
They are not having a good day:
This is what they’re all saying, FWIW:

“This was a political speech endorsing the president’s behavior (by Barr).” — @JeffreyToobin @CNN Beyond absurd and desperate.

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watching CNN is like peering in through the window of a group therapy session in which everyone keeps saying they're over X, but they can't stop talking about X.
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But each one on the panel is outdoing the others as it drags on:
CNN sounds idiotic this morning, saying the Potus obstructed justice by tweeting that he didn’t collude or obstruct justice.
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We’re serious. They’re getting nuttier by the second:
"Happy people don't obstruct justice," a legal idiot just said on CNN, with the full realization of his idiocy the moment he said it.
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It'd be difficult to describe CNN's coverage right now as anything other than a meltdown.
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I've honestly never seen the type of media meltdown that I'm seeing on CNN. They are so emotionally invested in the storyline that they've been pushing for 2+ years and they know what Mueller did to it and how this will forever reflect on them.
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Would it have killed them to include one voice on the panel to bush back on this?
But @CNN wants to create the illusion that the opinion of that room is the only possible opinion. Nothing but a propaganda machine running at full steam right now.
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They’re literally fighting with each other to say the same thing:
The most tense thing this morning is absolutely the people on this enormous CNN panel fighting with each other to get a word in.
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And, we’re not joking here, now a reporter just said that Trump would have never been indicted for obstruction anyway:
LOL on CNN right now: The president would have never been indicted for obstruction. This is about congress impeaching him based on this report.
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