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MUST-SEE VIDEO: Teens Beat Man Outside of Restaurant on Chicago’s Gold Coast – Until Victim Pulls Out Gun, Watch Their Reaction!

Video emerged today of an armed man pulling his weapon to ward off two apparent attackers near the Magnificent Mile, just two days after widespread mob action prompted police to arrest 21 people in the area.

The video, filmed from inside McDonald's at 10 East Chicago, shows two males attacking a middle-aged man who appears to be a security guard. The man is slammed against the restaurant’s outside wall by the pair who punch and grapple the older man as he works to free himself.

Within moments, one of the two apparent attackers picks up an object that appears to be a pepper spray canister while the armed man continues to struggle with the other person.

Suddenly, the man with the canister runs away as the older man returns to camera view with a handgun pointed raised at shoulder height.

As the armed man stands near the restaurant property line, the object that one of the apparent attackers picked up off the ground rolls to his feet. The second youth, apparently suffering the effects of pepper spray, raises his shirt to wipe his face.

McDonald's did not immediately respond to inquiries seeking comment about the incident. A spokesman for nearby Loyola University stated that the armed man is not affiliated with the school's police department, as rumored on social media. A Chicago police spokesman said no report had been filed in connection with the incident.

CWBChicago reported this morning that police had confirmed the arrests of 21 people on Saturday afternoon in the River North and Magnificent Mile neighborhoods during the first “mob” activity of 2019. The high arrest count is the result of a new, less-tolerant approach by police assigned to handle "large group" incidents in the downtown area. 


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  4. Gun pointed at him and he casually strolls away and picks up his back pack. What a way to grow up!
    I would not have had the restraint of the guy with the gun. (he probably didn't want to get arrested for self defense.)
    Unfortunately, next week the same two will probably be back and this time THEY will be packing. Good to see this type of responsible gun use being reported on more often. The bad guys will get guns whether its legal or not.