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‘Nightmare material’: We guarantee you’ve never seen a pregnancy diagram quite like this [pic]

And now, for something completely different. No, seriously. This is completely different from anything we’ve ever seen:
We want to look away, and yet … we cannot.
I hope she can dilate as wide as her arm is long to birth the fully functioning toddler she’s got growing down her thighs ?!!!

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Yes. At full term the baby’s legs will be longer and will start to bend round following the curve of its mothers knees. By this stage the baby’s head will occupy her throat. All very normal.

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it was accurate in the early 80’s when it was published but babies mostly stopped playing keyboards after the new romantic thing went out of fashion. They play bass these days

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Apparently artist @getbentsaggy is the man responsible for your impending psychological scars:
So please direct your thank-you cards to him.

Everyone loves a happy ending.

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