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‘Not for sale’! Prez candidate Eric Swalwell’s plan to ‘ban and buy back’ guns has ALREADY hit some snags

You already know that Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell is running for his party’s presidential nomination and has pledged to make gun control the main issue of his campaign. On Tuesday, Swalwell elaborated on his plans to get guns out of the hands of the general population, and those plans include this:
It’s time we take BIG, BOLD action to in America. That’s why I’m the only candidate proposing that we ban and buy back every single assault weapon in this nation.
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Nothing like turning millions of non-criminals into criminals in an instant (while actual criminals continue to ignore the existing laws):

What could possibly go wrong?
But on the super off-chance that Swalwell would ever be elected president, he knows he has some options to force compliance:
Oh, one more thing:
This additional Swalwell pledge doesn’t really make anything less disturbing:
.@ericswalwell says, in response to question, that Democrats aren’t planning to seize guns. “We’re going to come your house, offer you better healthcare, hopefully offer your kids better education. We’re not coming for your guns.”
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