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Now, THAT’S an impressive ratio! Blue-check journo’s brag about harassing ‘pr*ck in a MAGA hat’ goes BADLY for her

Natalie Weiner seems super proud of herself for yelling at a complete stranger who had the AUDACITY to wear a MAGA hat while attending a jazz concert of sorts. Imagine how small of a mind someone has to have to think it’s a good thing to harass someone over the hat they’re wearing.
These people. And they wonder why Trump won.
Girl power and stuff.
SHE doesn’t understand how ‘people’ can be so hateful.
The absolute irony of this tweet.
he was walking to see irma thomas and he doesn’t deserve to be within a 10 mile radius of irma thomas

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Last time we checked, nobody owns Irma Thomas’ music but Irma Thomas.
Just sayin’.
Oh, and if you were wondering how people reacted to her ‘brag’ about harassing a stranger over his hat …
Everybody say "hi" to Natalie. Natalie thinks it's cool to accost people who happen to have the nerve to think differently than her, then to larp about it on social media. This is what we call "attention whoring" in the twitterverse. So, in summation, don't be a Natalie.

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It’s not your right to instruct someone to do or not to do something. Nor is it your right to shout obscenities at them.
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You have the freedom to be a hateful asshole at a concert just like that person has the freedom to wear a hat that offends you.
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Isn’t it ironic that you tweet about not understanding “how people can be so hateful” while displaying unjustified hate towards a stranger for what he’s wearing. Guess what, it’s OK for people to disagree with each other and be civil. Please seek help.
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They said please.
Something like that.
And of course, you are the great determiner of what others deserve. (And, I'll bet you're literally shaking).
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LITERALLY shaking and the guy in the MAGA hat was literally Hitler.
Told ya’.
Funny how you get to dictate that through your superior love and tolerance display, eh? I’m Canadian and I’m ashamed for you.
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Whoa, tickin’ off a Canadian? That’s big time.
If you are so psychologically weak that a hat ruins your night, you need to evaluate HOW you were "conditioned" to have this response, and by WHOM.
But, you wont. You're happy being controlled.
Good luck.
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  1. The only answer to a loud mouthed idiot like her is a good punch in the mouth.