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Obama Does It Again: Breaks Own Record for Egotistical Self-Mentions in Latest Speech

Say it ain’t so, O. When it comes to giving speeches, Barack Obama is the presidential equivalent of a vanity license plate.
America’s 44th commander in chief has a reputation for talking about himself; his fondness for using first-person pronouns and taking credit is well-documented.
But even by Obama’s self-centered standards, his Saturday lecture in Berlin took the cake and ate it too. According to American Thinker, the man referred to himself no fewer than 467 times, articulating more than 300 instances of “I.”
Not that we should be surprised. Indeed, Obama’s maiden State of the Union speech nine years ago — wherein he voiced “Me” or “I” almost 100 times, according to The Daily Wire — was a harbinger of the emerging ego.

By contrast, Trump mentioned himself only 26 times in his initial SOTU address. And yet, the current president’s naysayers think of him as the braggart (or trumpeter, if you will).
However, his predecessor clearly has the shameless numbers on his side.
It’s peculiar that Obama has been so focused on himself, he can’t be bothered — as many pundits and observers on social media have pointed out — to mention his vice president of eight years, Joe Biden.
Gang: Have U noticed how hasn’t said a word defending ? Wow! His “best” buddy for 8!years!
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We’ve known Obama’s propensity and fondness for words in general, especially in written form, since he surfaced as a viable presidential contender building up to the 2008 election.
I haven’t read any of his books and thus wonder if his published works rely on first-person pronouns as much as his speeches do. If that’s the case, I’ll continue to avoid them.
After all, who needs the man’s memoirs when we get the same effect from his thick steak of a speech that comprises such tender vittles as “I mean, I will tell you that I don’t have a regular meditation practice. But I have my own tools I guess to take me to a certain place.”
You can almost cut the modesty with a knife.

One also can’t help but ask: Did the previous president’s speech writers curry favor by making sure his lectures and discourse included self references ad nauseum?
Do his co-authors (if any, these days) inexplicably feel the need to stoke the flames of Obama’s red-hot self-esteem?

Regardless, it would be apropos — and all too predictable — if Obama’s next tome were titled “Me, Myself & I.”


  1. He is so nauseating I don't know how any speechwriter could even begin working for this turd and not puke!!!