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Officer drives man he pulled over with invalid license to job interview — and he nails it

A young man took a risk when he drove without a valid driver's license and expired plates on Wednesday, but he had a good reason: he was on his way to a job interview. Unfortunately, the plates on the car he borrowed drew the attention of a Cahokia, Ill., police officer.
The man, Ka'Shawn Baldwin, told Officer Roger Gemoules why he was driving without a proper license and that he had no other way of getting to the interview.
"I thought it was over," Baldwin told CNN. "The main thing that was running through my mind [was] I'm fixin' to miss the job interview and get the car towed that wasn't even mine."
Officer Gemoules, a resource officer for Cahokia High School, didn't issue the man a ticket or tow the car, but he couldn't let him drive without a license either.
"He was very respectful when I pulled him over and you could just tell — I could feel that he really was wanting to get to this job interview," Gemoules said.
Officer Gemoules followed Baldwin as he dropped off the car at a safe place and then took him to his interview.
Baldwin was a few minutes late to the interview, but he got the job. This will be Baldwin's second job, and he plans to earn enough to get his license back. He also said he plans to take the bus in the future.

Francella Jackson, the assistant to Cahokia Mayor Curtis McCall Jr., shared on Facebook, "On behalf of Mayor Curtis McCall Jr., I would like to thank Officer Gemoules for showing compassion and being a great example of how community oriented policing actually works."

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