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Oh honey, NO! Parker Molloy doubles DOWN on calling Sri Lanka victims ‘Easter Worshippers’ in predictably STUPID rage-thread

Parker Molloy is the last person who should be calling anyone or anything else ‘absurd’, or ‘utterly stupid.’ She works for Media Matters of all places … seriously. Perhaps she felt left out from the other grossly bigoted trolls pretending the victims in yesterday’s terror attack in Sri Lanka weren’t Christians.

What an absurd, utterly stupid non-controversy. "UHHH they didn't say the special word that I wanted." Chill, guys. They said that because they were referring to people *at an Easter service.*

It really does go without saying that people attending Easter services are Christians.

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Then what’s the harm in SAYING IT, Parker?
And here's the thing: people on the right saw how easy it was to stoke outrage with a willfully incorrect reading of Rep. Omar's "some people did something" line that they seem to be upping the bad faith interpretations on everything.

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If this editor rolled her eyes any further back into her head she would see West Virginia.
"They're trying to rename us as Easter worshippers!"

No, dumbass. They were referring to people... at a worship service... on Easter. Hence: Easter worshippers.

Also, no one is renaming YOU anything. The attack was not on you, people 9,000 miles away.

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Or you know, just call them CHRISTIANS.
What is so difficult for these people to understand? Should we have called the victims of the shooting in New Zealand ‘Islam worshippers’? Would she have said the same thing about how they were thousands of miles away from America? We’re going to guess that’s a big fat no.

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Also, "(religious holiday that involves a worship service) worshippers" is a common way to refer to people, clearly not meant as a way to snub the group.

Proof this is faux outrage: Daily Caller in 2016 vs. Daily Caller today.

They only pretend to give a crap.

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If we hadn’t already said something about irony we’d say it again here.
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.@WashTimes in 2014: "Easter worshippers shocked as car rams church."


Screw off, you dopey hypocrites.
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We could say the same to Parker …
She continued raging:
The irony, right?
Considering she has most of Twitter blocked we’re shocked we were able to see anyone disagreeing with her …
Also goes without saying that people worshipping in a Mosque are Muslim. Please go read the coverage of New Zealand. This is deliberate sanitization not mentioning the faith of the victims or the murderers across the mainstream media. Give me a break.
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We’ll be here a while.
"Guise, this not mentioning Christians thing is a nothing burger"

"Muslims were targetted in an attack, and if you don't word it just this way you are a islamaphobe bigot"

Parker, probably
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It's just another attempt to remove God from the picture. If the left can marginalize Christians or minimalize Christianity, they will do so, every time.
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Something like that.
"What an absurd, utterly stupid non-controversy" that you felt necessary to comment on in your desperate attempt to seem relevant.
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Yeah, sweetheart.

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