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Pete Buttigieg is way too wonky a candidate to truly believe his own BS on the alleged pay gap

Pete Buttigieg, a graduate of Harvard and Oxford, a Rhodes scholar, a retired U.S. Navy officer and a former consultant for McKinsey whose employees are considered some of the smartest in the business, wants Congress to pass a new law requiring a “simple annual statistic” that calculates “for every dollar paid to a man, how much less was paid to a woman.” He calls this a “bold yet simple” idea which might fly for another candidate, but for the wonkiest candidate in the 2020 bunch, there’s absolutely no way he believes his own BS:

A bold and simple idea on this : the US should pass a new law reporting a simple annual statistic for every large company: for every dollar paid to a man, how much less was paid to a woman?

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He calls his plan, mandated gender transparency:
To all the women not being paid fairly, or who even have to wonder if they’re being paid fairly: I believe you deserve better. It’s time to ensure every American woman is paid fairly. Let’s mandate gender pay transparency.

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For starters, and Buttigieg knows this, it’s not “simple” at all:
And he knows when you do any sort of legitimate statistical analysis, the pay gap all but disappears:

For example, from his alma mater:
Even some of his fans know this:
For the same job and qualifications, yes. Big supporter of yours, Pete, and there is a bit of pay inequality but it’s not as large as MSM paints.
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Yes I do: https://www.payscale.com/data/gender-pay-gap 

p.s. - I work in 3rd party recruiting. It is a problem, maybe more of an issue and should be 1for1 $ but it's not as large of a gap of 7for10.
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And remember when Google did this? Whoops:
What’s frustrating is that Buttigieg seemed like the type of candidate who might talk about this issue in a way without pandering to his base. But, alas:
Not recruiting but offers. I am agreeing with Pete on transparency and it being an issue but it’s not as drastic of a statistic as MSM pushes...and what he’s pushing in his graphic
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It’s quite easy to produce statistics that show a pay disparity. The picture gets a lot murkier when you factor in people who have made a conscious decision to trade slightly lower compensation for greater scheduling flexibility, and other concessions.
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Much more important to address are inequities in advancement opportunities, which are often the problem that’s really behind the perceived pay gap.
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And we’ll keep waiting:

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  1. Is this the same Buttigieg that praised Israeli security after Gaza slaughter?