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'Psycho' white leftist caught on video calling Mexican-American woman 'racist' for wearing MAGA hat

A Mexican-American woman posted a Facebook video in which a white leftist actually called her a "racist" for wearing a "Trump - Make America Great Again 2020" hat — a version of President Donald Trump's 2016 campaign hat, which has become a lightning rod for his opponents.

The Saturday incident appears to have occurred in a U.S. postal facility, but its location is unclear.

The woman wearing the Trump hat — who goes by Paloma for Trumpon Facebook — is an activist who notes she's "an American, from Mexico, LEGAL immigrant fighting for America. And I ain't backing down."

What happened?

Paloma for Trump, who shot the video, claimed at the beginning of the clip that the white customer at the counter "insulted" her for wearing the MAGA hat, and at that point the white customer told Paloma for Trump to stop recording her, approached her, and apparently made physical contact with her in an attempt to end the recording.

"Don't touch me!" Paloma for Trump said in response. "You have no reason to harass me because of my hat!"

While the white customer denied harassing Paloma for Trump, another person off camera is heard saying, "I saw it" and that if the white customer didn't stop he would "call the cops."

"Call the cops!" the white customer is heard saying back to the man.

"I don't care if you don't agree with it!" Paloma for Trump told the white customer. "I have the right to wear [the MAGA hat]!"
"OK, racist!" the white woman responded.

Things went downhill further from there, as the white customer told Paloma for Trump that "your president is racist," came at her again, and appeared to make physical contact a second time with Paloma for Trump or her cellphone.

"If you don't like America, you should move out of America!' Paloma for Trump told the white customer, who appeared to begin recording the encounter or taking photographs.

Paloma for Trump called the white customer a "psycho" as the encounter ended.

What happened next?

Paloma for Trump noted in subsequent posts that police arrived at the scene but that the white customer took off "fast" and an incident report was filed.

"A lot of people are telling me if they would have been in my shoes yesterday, they would have hit that woman back, [called] her other names etc.," Paloma for Trump wrote in another post after the incident. "I have A LOT of patience and I see attacks for what they are no matter who they come from. I have patience, I try to be as reasonable as possible and if they keep attacking I eventually fight back. What else are you supposed to do? Cannot let anyone walk all over you, no matter their size, how many of them, etc. If you are minding your business and just being yourself, no one should EVER attack you. For any reason."

Anything else?

Paloma for Trump's website indicates that she was born in Mexico and came to America after her biological father died and her mother married an American. She added that "we waited for almost 10 years to finalize our citizenship, we paid our dues, we waited in line, and I feel every person who comes to America should not only do the same, but also learn the language, assimilate the culture, respect and love America like I do."


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