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Ratio in progress! Bill de Blasio’s ‘12 years to save our planet OR ELSE’ warning is NOT going well

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is doing his best to help AOC and other progressives push a random deadline in order to sell a Green New Deal that even Democrats won’t vote for. The forced alarmism is palpable:
We have twelve years to turn the tide in our fight to save our planet.


We don't have the benefit of a federal government to lead the way and we can't wait for this president to wake up. It’s on us to make radical change.⁠ ⁠

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Has AOC trademarked that “12 years” thing yet? If not, the NYC Mayor should:
It’s an absolute joke at this point.

Let’s see — it’s been 13 years since Al Gore warned everybody that the world had 10 years to act, and now we’re already into a separate 12-year warning. This is getting confusing!
Hey, de Blasio’s already made it clear that there’s no price he’s not willing to make others pay in order to offset his personal behavior.
Wait, you can’t keep saying 12 years, as months pass by. Please provide an approximate date so I can plan my life accordingly, you’re confusing me. You should be saying 11 years and 8 months or so...
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De Blasio has his priorities:

Weird right? But hey, SCIENCE!

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  1. The very FIRST thing we have to do to save our planet is to VOTE THIS LIBTURD INSANE IDIOT OUT OF OFFICE!!