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Science status: SETTLED! Scorching hot take on climate change proves ‘social justice singularity has been achieved’

The list of potential causes of man-made climate change continues to grow. In the case of the following hot take, the “man-made” part is to be taken quite literally:
So it’s confirmed:
What a breakthrough!
My favorite part of this wonderfully idiotic piece is that the author clearly believes with all her heart and soul that the solution to climate change is to bring reusable bags to the grocery store and get your city to ban plastic straws. https://www.forbes.com/sites/carolyncenteno/2019/04/03/what-if-toxic-masculinity-is-the-reason-for-climate-change/#271ae5b337e4 

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The Green New Deal is going to have to be amended to address this potential climate change-inducing problem.

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  1. Toxic men; how about seductress women. Is there no end to the trite vacant phrases our modern politics can gin up?