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Secret hand gesture decoded, revealing that everyone alive is a white supremacist

You might remember back during the Justice Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings when people online and in the news started spreading the word that a young woman named Zina Bash seated behind Kavanaugh flashed a “white power” hand signal in view of the TV cameras. Her signal to her white supremacist colleagues that neo-Nazi Kavanaugh was a shoo-in?
As the ADL has pointed out in its database of hate symbols, the “OK” sign was the fruit of a 4chan trolling campaign launched in 2017; the gag was to put out the word that it was a white power symbol and then dig up photos of celebrities and such flashing it, putting the Internet into a panic.
Now we’re not sure if Carl Winkleton is a parody or a real person; his Twitter bio certainly is the stuff of parody: “Professor of Anthropology, Fighter for the less privileged, LGBTQIA+ advocate, Husband to a loving wife and father to a non-binary son. #Resist #StopTheHate.”
Parody or not, the account alerted the SPLC, ACLU, ADL, Right Wing Watch and … Tariq Nasheed! … to look out for this new symbol:

Be on the lookout for people with the πŸ‘ emoji in their Twitter names. White supremacists are now using this as a code symbol for their bigotry.

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Perhaps I am just a bit old but sometimes I'm finding it difficult to separate humor and satire from popular political ideas of the left. Especially when there hardly is any humor left on the left; if they see a comedian they appear inclined to burn them at the stake for heresy.

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True. If Carl’s a parody, he’s following through nicely.
Far-Right Neo-Nazis have been attacking me on Twitter for the past few days because I exposed their hidden white supremacy. It's at times like these that we're all reminded that the most important thing we can do is continue to .
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The fact that Trump supporters have taken to spamming my mentions with the thumbs up emoji shows that they are only emboldened when their racism is pointed out. We can't let hate win.
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