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So much for the #MeToo movement: Mika Brzezinski’s creepy defense of Joe Biden just makes things WORSE

Don’t worry guys, Joe Biden isn’t a predator.
He’s just extremely affectionate and flirtatious in a completely safe way.
No biggie.
Mika Brzezinski Defends Joe Biden: 'Extremely Affectionate, Extremely Flirtatious in a Completely Safe Way’ http://mediaite.com/a/gbnbr 
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From Mediaite:
Mika Brzezinski defended Joe Biden in light of recent reports of alleged inappropriate and unwanted affection shown by the former Vice President, who many believe to be a front-runner for the 2020 race for Democratic nominee.
… defended Biden who she described as a friend “There’s a lot of things I know about Joe Biden– I’ve known him for a long time — he is extremely affectionate extremely flirtatious in a completely safe way,” adding  “I am sure that somebody can misconstrue something he’s done. But as much as I can know what’s in anyone’s heart, I don’t think there is bad intent on his part at all.”

In other words, it’s ok that Joe is a total skeeze because he has the right letter by his name.
These people really are so damn predictable.
Ugh, this editor just did an all-over body shiver.
This is a rhetorical question, right?
Sooooooooooooo, its totally okay for him because he’s a democrat. Got it. Just checking.
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Ding ding ding.

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  1. Just like whoopi Goldberg defending that escaped criminal pedophile Polanski