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Someone help David Axelrod ‘understand’ why multi-millionaire, wealth-o-phobe Bernie Sanders won’t release his tax returns

We have heard a lot from Democrats about Donald Trump’s tax returns, but the frontrunner (of those who have announced) in their party’s presidential nomination race won’t release his returns.
Bernie Sanders said nearly 40 days ago he would realize his taxes “soon.” Asked by @tedbarrettcnn for an update today, Sanders was evasive and his aides stepped in front of him and tried to prevent Sanders from being questioned further https://www.cnn.com/2019/04/04/politics/bernie-sanders-tax-returns/index.html 

But transparency and everything!
It has been 38 days since Bernie Sanders announced he was releasing 10 years of tax returns and didn’t release anything, again.

Last week, he challenged President Trump to release his returns and promised that he was going to publish his own soon.

He’s been promising the returns for a while.
Bernie Sanders on releasing his taxes (Feb 25): "We have to just do a few more little things, but -- check them out. But they're ready.”

Bernie Sanders on releasing his taxes (March 31): “We have it all done and it's just a question of dotting the i's and crossing the t’s."

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David Axelrod cannot seem to understand this.
You see, David, money is bad.
Not really. It’s easy to rail & rant about wealth and inequality while you keep the impression up that you’re just the old neighborhood curmudgeon and not a millionaire with 3 houses.

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If his tax returns are released and the full extent of his wealth becomes known to the Feel the Bern crowd, they might want to start the redistribution with his checkbook.

That socialism stuff is a great speech but a terrible reality, right Bernie?

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  1. You will see his taxes as soon as you will see a naked turtle.