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Sources say media critics of Trump administration bullied Mike Pompeo out of his ‘Freedom Award’

We cover the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner every year and so far the highlight has been the late Carrie Fisher’s emotional support dog, Gary Fisher, walking the red carpet.
The dinner really does draw into sharp focus everything wrong with the Washington media; it’s where journalists swooned when President Barack Obama did his famous mic drop to mark the end of his final term, and also where they fretted about what to do after President Trump was elected. Should they just cancel the dinner? Disinvite him? What?
So it’s no surprise at all to hear some “media group” opposed to the Trump administration (that narrows it down) allegedly threatened to boycott the James W. Foley Legacy Foundation’s dinner at the National Press Club if the award went to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for the administration’s focus on freeing American prisoners held around the world.

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Angry anti-Trump media blocks 'Freedom Award' to @SecPompeo for work on getting freedom for political hostages, goes to Obama diplomat instead. https://washex.am/2HXZPDG 

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Who, Christiane Amanpour? The CNN journalist who tried to convince James Comey that chants of “Lock her up!” were dangerous hate speech that the FBI should have “shut down”?
This reflects very poorly on you, @CNN - it’s why the public thinks you’re trash. It’s because you are. @camanpour is a disgrace.
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What kind of world do we live in where rescuing people has to be politicised? Why can’t good and good deeds be recognised regardless of political affiliation and merely be celebrated for the act itself?
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I want to know EXACTLY which media figures pressured this family. The country deserves to know!
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Please join with me in condemning that political action by @JamesFoleyFund
I believe they have sold out the values they claim to uphold. To allow their organization to be held hostage by the anti-American forces of the left is inexcusable.
They are no longer worthy of respect.
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On learning the 2019 Foley American Hostage Freedom Award had been rescinded, Pompeo wrote in a letter to Diane Foley, “How sad is it that base politics and hatred have been allowed to creep into even this sphere of our national activity? The safe recovery of Americans held hostage overseas should be beyond politics and must enjoy the support of all Americans. I regret the pressure of such a cynical and abominable nature was brought to bear on you and John.”
“Still, despite his disappointment, Pompeo said that “the ignoble conduct of those behind this sad deed will never diminish my commitment, of the commitment of the men and women I lead, to the safe recovery of all Americans unjustly held abroad.” @SecPompeo
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