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Straight-up AWFUL! In rush to exploit Poway Synagogue shooting AOC trips EPICALLY over hero Border Patrol agent

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t waste ANY time using the tragic shooting at the Chabad of Poway Synagogue to start pushing gun control legislation. We’re still waiting for her to send her heartbroken tweet about the hundreds of Christians who were murdered last Easter Sunday but we suppose she can’t figure out how to exploit those deaths for political gain just yet.
AOC does realize CA has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, right?
Something like that.

Do you also have a book you’d like to plug while you’re using the dead to push your socialist agenda?

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No, but she does have a movie out.

I have a gun, went through the background checks etc. With it won't stop criminals from getting a hold of guns. They'll get them from other criminals. Gun control only works with law abiding people, not criminals. Guns protect people too!

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Wait, does that work here?
Soooooooo how about the CHRISTIANS that were murdered on Easter? Ready to tweet about that yet? How about we be honest about the laws that are already in place where this took place? How about we be honest of who this guy really is? I'll wait...
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Honesty? Nah.
She’s a Democratic Socialist … or is that a Socialist Democrat?
Same difference.
The continuing ignorant believe that criminals will follow yet another law. How many more have to be passed for them to break?
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Tens of thousands of gun laws haven’t stopped gun violence yet but MAYBE they just need ONE MORE.
As per usual, Republicans will send their thoughts & prayers.

We need action now. A required background check for every firearm sale is no longer a debate, it’s a must.
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Who wants to tell her?
Yeah umm we are in California. We already have all those laws but go ahead and chastise people for praying in response to a religious hate crime but don't act like the religious bigotry comes from the right. The cold is coming from inside the house.
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That. ^
California has strict gun laws including a required background check.... HR 8 would have done nothing to stop this
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Stop politicizing tragedy! As a responsible gun owner I'm angry that criminals and terrorists get their hands on guns but laws that target law abiding gun owners isn't going to help because CRIMINALS DON'T OBEY THE LAW!!
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"OOOOOOO DEAD PEOPLE.. Time for me to use this for political advantage" - @AOC April '19
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Oh, and it seems AOC missed something pretty important about what happened in Poway …
One of those evil Border Patrol agents.
CBP extends our deepest condolences to those who were attacked today while attending services at the Chabad of Poway. We've learned that one of our own off-duty Border Patrol agents was present & took actions that may have prevented additional loss of life. Full statement below.
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It must be hard to be so wrong about so many things so often.

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