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Stuck on STUPID –> David Hogg’s garbage take on Trump and the ‘rise of white terrorism’ belongs in the Backfire Hall of Fame

Imagine how ridiculously dense someone would have to be to think comparing the rise of ‘white terrorism’ to Islamic terrorism was in any way a smart take to make. Granted, we’ve never accused David Hogg of being a great thinker but c’mon … this was bad even for him.
Add to that the 38k yahoos who thought it was worth fav’ing.
We weep for this country.
If 45 is so willing to say radical Islamic terrorism

Why does he refuse to talk about the rise of white terrorism in America?

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Harvard sure can pick ’em.
Guess the new thing on the Left is to add the word ‘terrorism’ to groups or people, events, and/or things they don’t like. We’re waiting for the rise of Pro-Tax-Cut Terrorism … you know what, we shouldn’t give them any ideas.

Why don’t you compare the body counts (numbers of victims) of those killed by “white terrorism” and those killed by radical Islamists? Then you’ll figure out why one is much more frequently mentioned than the other.

Also, everyone knows that MMFA writes your tweets.

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That would explain a lot.
Yet people are still quick to jump to his defense because he is just a “kid”. But truly the stuff he says just makes me cringe. There are people that argue intelligently that I disagree with. He is not one of them!
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David hasn’t been ‘just a kid’ for almost a year now and he wouldn’t know an intelligent argument if it fell out of the sky, landed on his face, and started to wiggle.
In other words, a Leftist.
I thought Hogg couldn’t get into his schools of choice. Then he becomes an outspoken liberal and suddenly he is admitted to @Harvard Can you send a letter to all those applicants (especially minorities) that had better qualifications but were bumped for him?
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Fair point. David’s ’15 minutes’ were up months ago so he probably feels like he needs to tweet really stupid stuff to stay relevant.
Hey, it worked for Kathy Griffin.
Just think, this bozo used the tragic deaths of his fellow students to springboard his own burgeoning political Leftist career.
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‘Nuff said.

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  1. lil hogg is and has been irrelevant from the start. why anyone gives this obvious shill attention is the question.