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Such a BRAVE take: David Hogg’s tweet about Nazis earns him a SCHOOLING he won’t soon forget

We realize David Hogg is trying really hard to stay relevant but c’mon man, this tweet about Nazis was lame even for this gaslighting little twerp. Hey, it’s not OUR nickname for him, we picked it up on Twitter.
Yeah, that’s it.
And water is wet.
And a pig’s backside is pork.
Granted, David was doing what he does best (virtue signaling) but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t really understand who or what Nazis really were. Like most Leftists and SJWs, he probably thinks his tweet was an insult to Trump supporters … we know, he’s not bright. Way to go Harvard!
Luckily most of Twitter was more than happy to give him a crash course.
Truth bomb status – DROPPED.

Ain’t it?
Especially in 2019.

Gotta love it when virtue-signaling on steroids bites someone like David on the backside.

1 comment:

  1. Who really gives a sh*t about what that CIA plant has to say? He's gonna piss off the wrong person one day and end up on the wrong end of a gun....