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That’s textbook FASCISM, bro! Professor pens DISTURBING thread about ‘exposing, hounding, firing’ MAGA hats

There’s something very disconcerting about anyone writing an entire thread painting a large group of people with a broad brush calling them ‘white supremacists’ to justify attacking them in real life.
Look at this hot mess.
From a professor of all people. *smh* And not just white supremacists but anyone who ‘inspires’ them.
So is he saying anyone who cares about free speech is a white supremacist or a grifter? Anyone who disagrees with him and his beliefs?
Alrighty then.
And if there's a political party that attracts the pepe the frog and "white genocide" crowd, that party should be called out - including by the mainstream press - as a *white supremacist* party that helps to create the environment in which Jews and Muslims are murdered.

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It’s as if these folks don’t see tweets and comments from Democrats like Ilhan Omar but he’s rolling.

Because if there really are such things as "Canadian values" or "civilized values" like these dog-whistlers keep blathering on about, those values should include calling out white supremacy and calling BS on claims of "irony" or "debate" regarding racist memes and ideas.

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Awww, Canada.
THAT explains so much.
People are dying. And if opposing the environment in which people are dying means that some MAGA-hat- wearing wanker doesn't feel "comfortable" on campus or out in public, then so be it. Because that wanker makes it his life's work to make the marginalized feel unsafe.
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Holy cow.
This entire thread is textbook fascism.
Scary stuff.
And by “white supremacist,” he means anyone he doesn’t think is woke. Being anti-abortion got me labeled a white supremacist the other day.

Notably, I oppose all abortion. Not just the abortions that kill white kids. I oppose killing any child. So how is that racist?
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Opposing any Leftist policies makes someone a white supremacist, duh.
Well THAT'S certainly not divisive hate speech. Perhaps you should take a long, hard look in the mirror & then practice what you preach......but get ready to be fired & hounded for the hateful person you are.
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Eh, he’s Canadian.
Our very own version of McCarthyism? Before I involve myself in destroying someone's life I'd like to know more about who sets the standards & what they are. Or does questioning make me an enemy?
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Even Leftists aren’t cool with this …

Yeah, will it? Asking for a friend.

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