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THE HURT: Rep. Ilhan Omar says that ‘we must prioritize the hurt of working families, not military contracts’

Democrats have had their turn at the wheel for much of the past 60 years, and yet they still haven’t managed to fix poverty even though they continually exploit it for votes. Plenty has been spent on housing vouchers and school lunches, and yet they claim there’s no money for housing vouchers or school lunches.
It’s like Obamacare: that was supposed to fix everything wrong with America’s health insurance system, and less than a decade after it was passed the same people who voted for it say we need Medicare for All to fix what’s wrong with America’s health insurance system.
In case any more proof was needed that Minnesota sent just another Democrat cliché to Congress, here’s Rep. Ilhan Omar complaining about Pentagon spending.

How do we explain to a family that they are on a waiting list for housing vouchers bc we prioritize Pentagon spending?

How do we explain to the hungry child that we cannot afford to feed them in schools?

We must prioritize the hurt of working families; not military contracts.

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The Mueller investigation cost, what, $25 million? How do we explain to starving children that money was wasted on a conspiracy theory?
By telling them to increase their skill level and get a better job. Because government will always fail.

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Explain to them that food and housing is not a federal responsibility in the United States. Funding a military to defend/ protect a homeland and occasionally destroy an enemy abroad is. Tell them the truth.

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How about prioritizing getting them a job so they don’t need housing vouchers and they will be able to feed their own kids. That’s the problem with you Democrat’s, as soon as they come to this country you get them hooked on handouts.

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5 plus million jobs created. It makes sense to shrink food stamps. It's not needed except as bait for Democrats. Democrats treat their constituents like fish. Feeding them until they can put them in a fish tank. Once captured they must obey or loose their treats.

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They can get a job like the rest of us poor taxpayers.

Seriously, check yourself!

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How do we explain that they need to get off their ass and go make some money to feed themselves, like everyone else.

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What a dumb thing to say. You can explain that the reason they have hope of getting vouchers or food in school at all is because the military kept this country free and safe.

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Problem is your numbers are not correct You stated we spend more on the military than we do on health care really.

Healthcare is 28% of our budget and is the fastest growing cost. In fact, you support Medicare for all so the percentage will almost double.

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Ummm 60% of the federal budget goes to social programs. 12% to military spending which includes salaries and pensions for the armed forces. Don’t you care about our veterans?

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The impact of illegal immigration effects us all and this is how. Illegal immigration drains our local, state, and federal budgets. Therefore to stabilize the economy we must fight illegal immigration and the Pentagon is part of this. By stabilizing the borders from all areas

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If you care about the priority of working families, you wouldn’t support open borders and illegal immigration. Your ideas of the “fix” is extremely hypocritical and flawed.

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@Ilhan National Defense is the first obligation of Government. Giving handouts to those too lazy to work is way down the list. Or, at least it should be.

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Form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty..........

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She should talk to Dianne Feinstein about her husband's defense contractor connections.

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They just keep reusing the old one.

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  1. You can ‘we must prioritize the hurt of working families' by not sealinng their hard earned income and giving it away.