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‘They try and treat us like IDIOTS’! Gianno Caldwell DROPS Dems for promising Black Americans reparations and DAMN

Several Democrats running for president in 2020 are pandering to Black Americans with promises of reparations … looking at you, Chief Full of Crap aka Liz Warren. Gianno Caldwell did an exceptional job of calling BS on this entire narrative, and he did it in just one tweet.
Just so you know - if Democrats win the Presidency they will not be providing you or anyone you know with reparations for slavery. This entire conversation is meant to scam black people into voting for Democracts. Again, they try to treat us as idiots.

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It’s a scam.

Democrats have so very little to actually run on so they’re desperately trying ANY messaging they think might work. Hard to run against a sitting president whose economy is thriving when all you really know how to do is raise taxes SO they are going with this sort of nonsense.
And they know damn well they won’t have to come through after the election is over because they can just blame the evil Republicans for not passing it.
Sneaky, ain’t it?

I agree with you. I’ve never heard of such nonsense- what the hell do I want with reparations check- last time I checked, I’ve never been enslaved!

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I agree with you, @GiannoCaldwell, on both points. As it is extremely unlikely reparations would ever be paid the Dem candidates are trying to buy votes. This deceitful tactic is cruel and unkind because of the fake expectations it raises.
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We’re talking about the same political party that has been telling Americans that Republicans basically want them dead for being against free healthcare, and don’t even get us started on how awful and hurtful their gun-grabbing rhetoric has been.
All they care about is POWER and there is no lie they won’t tell if they think it can put them back in the White House.

Ain’t that the truth?

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