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Tiger Woods gives Bill Kristol hope that a Republican can beat Trump in 2020; Here are 30 million reasons why that’s totally bonkers

Tiger Woods’ victory at The Masters today as Bill Kristol dreaming of a Republican challenger to Donald Trump in 2020. . .
If Tiger can come back to win the Masters in 2019, the Republican Party can come back to dump Trump in 2020.

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. . . yeah. About that. . .
The Donald Trump re-election campaign reported on Sunday that it had raised $30 million in the first quarter, which would be “more than top 2 Democrats combined”:
WASHINGTON (AP) — Trump’s re-election campaign tells AP it’s raised $30 million in past 3 months, more than top 2 Democrats combined.

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Goodbye, Dems:

JUST IN: President Trump’s campaign has raked in $30,000,000 in the first quarter of 2019, amassing a record war chest and far outpacing the field of Democratic candidates heading into the 2020 race, according to the campaign. https://nbcnews.to/2UyHHqV  - @NBCPolitics

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The campaign also has $40.8 million on hand with the 99% of the new money from small donations:
President Trump’s reelection campaign raised more than $30 million in the first fundraising quarter of 2019, per the campaign. Almost 99 percent of those donations were $200 or less, and they now have $40.8 million on hand.
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For comparison purposes, it’s “21 times the cash on hand Obama had at the same point in his re-election campaign”:
Bill Kristol hardest hit:
And we’ll end it with this perfect photo from Trump’s past:

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  1. why do elections need to cost so much? at this point dump trump is a great idea. we need a younger normal person in the head job. no lawyers,no failed businessmen, no wealthy con artists. just a real person. its a pipe dream i know....