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Truth HURTS! Alyssa Milano accidentally admits Dem’s platform is AWFUL by accusing GOP of ‘painting them’ THIS way

Alyssa Milano telling Democrats they must continue calling out Trump’s lies … that’s adorable. Especially when she’s quote-tweeting a tweet from the media pushing the false narrative about Trump supposedly lying about doctors/mothers killing infants who survive a botched abortion, even though he was all but quoting Gov. Ralph Northam of VA.
Pay special attention to the labels she is claiming the GOP is painting Democrats with.
We must continue to call out these lies. This is going to be his and the @GOP strategy going into the election. He will paint the left as, “baby killers who want open borders and want to take away your guns.”

As he’s proven in the past, the only way for him to win is by lying.

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Hate to break this to her but she just literally described the Democratic platform. Sure, she was far more honest about who they are than our delicate presidential hopefuls on the Left but still. They support abortion on demand up to and even including birth, open borders, and gun confiscation. Can’t even make this crap up, Alyssa.
Well, that’s only because there are candidates on the left that are for killing babies, open borders, and taking our guns. But by all means, since this is their declared position, let’s call Trump a liar for hitting them on it. You really are nuttier than a jar of peanut butter

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If the shoe fits, wear it and stuff.

Check and check.
The Dems are literally the open borders, kill babies, take away guns party. This is not an exaggeration. Maybe you should talk to @ericswalwell about gun confiscation and @RalphNortham about keeping babies comfortable and @AOC about not caring if people are illegal. Gaslighting
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Says the one who vehemently supported Hillary who the head of the DNC said she rigged the nomination process...along with destroying and deleting emails and computers that were subpoenaed by Congress. No reason for you to “act” like you have a whiff of morals or ethics..u don’t
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Tough crowd.
Trump quoted what Tran and the Governor of Virginia tried to pass. Most Democrats running for POTUS support open borders and Sanctuary cities. One threatened to nuke people who will not surrender their guns. He is painting them for exactly what they are. Truth hurts.
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“The infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that's what the mother & the family desired. And then a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.”
— Governor @RalphNortham
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They’re angrier at Trump for quoting Northam than they are about a sitting Governor nonchalantly discussing euthanizing a baby who has survived a botched abortion.
That is the Democratic Party of 2019.
The left literally supports abortion up to the moment of birth, wants to abolish ice and would love open borders like the EU, and literally wants to ban any gun that isn't a musket (probably that too though in reality).
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Are you pro choice? Do you think a barrier(wall) around our country is immoral? Do you support banning of semiautomatic guns? If you said yes to these questions then did not lie.
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Actually, none of the above are incorrect.. the left supports everything you listed. So the truth is being spoken and the left doesn’t know what to do. Stop trying to make the GOP look bad. 😂
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Wow, Alyssa … this went well.


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  1. Libtards suck and now that the world is seeing them for what they are, they are mad about it.