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‘Unbelievably condescending’! Eric Swalwell’s excuse for not debating Dana Loesch proves he’s a ‘straight-up sexist’

You know why Eric Swalwell will make a great president? Because he’s a tough guy. The toughest. So tough, in fact, that he’s willing to take on Dana Loesch.
Except no he isn’t. But that doesn’t mean he won’t pretend that he’s not afraid of her.
To-cool-for-school Swalwell pretended not to know who Dana Loesch is:
Swalwell’s plenty ignorant on just about everything, but his own tweets demonstrated that he is well aware of who Loesch is and has been for some time.
Anyway, Loesch called him out for trying to be cute instead of just admitting that he’s clueless when it comes to gun and gun policy:
Being publicly humiliated apparently got Swalwell’s attention, because this morning, he fired back at Loesch with more of his signature tough-guy talk:
It’s actually a pretty pathetic comeback. But we’ll get back to that in a second.
We can’t speak to what Oliver North wants to do, but Loesch is more than willing to debate Swalwell:

Oh, he’s afraid, all right.
Headline: “Politician desperately needs attention for his campaign, repeatedly begs NRA for debate.”
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Oliver North would make you look like the total fool that you truly are. Of course, so would @DLoesch which is why you are so afraid of her.
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So afraid, in fact, that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to get out of it.
He’ll do anything, Including, it would seem, outing himself as a sexist. Let’s look at Swalwell’s first tweet again, shall we?
He doesn’t “aim down”; he just brushes Loesch off as a “mouthpiece” unworthy of his time and mad debating skillz.
Nice going, Congressman Tough Guy.
@DLoesch can handle anything you can throw at her - and more - but it’s pretty obvious that you’ve tried to bully her. Really manly on your part.
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If any Republican male rep just told an accomplished woman in a leadership position at a top organization to essentially 'sit down, shut up' and 'I need to speak to a man in charge here' he would be forced to resign in less than a day.@ericswalwell owes @DLoesch an apology.
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Wow. What an unbelievably condescending response from a Presidential candidate. Way to alienate the female vote by being a jerk!
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I hope that women in both parties use this tweet of yours to show how incredibly condescending you are. I thought you were a self-righteous asshole before. Now it’s confirmed.
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Swalwell thinks his sexist condescension makes him look tough; in reality, in only affirms his weakness.
Seriously. At this point, he should just be grateful that Dana Loesch is willing to humor him.

Real life:@DLoesch to @ericswalwell

Dana: 'Hello, you seem lost. Can I help you?'

Eric: 'Uh yeah. Dana is it? Is there a man I can speak to?'

Dana: 'I'm the expert here. I can help.'

Eric: 'k honey, look. My time is valuable. Get me your manager.'

Dana: 'I am the manager'
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1 comment:

  1. Swallwell is a deep State operative whose job is to discredit and destroy the NRA.
    As he has the full force and power of the deep State, he cannot be defeated, No part of the
    Of the Nra or any Org. will be allowed to win. Ollie was and is his main target and he will be ruined by any and all means needed to do so.
    The only question to ask Swalwell is he against the Human Right of self defense, Yes Or No?
    Everybody please send him this artice, http://batr.org/utopia/090418.html
    Then debate him on it.
    Please send to Dana and the NRA. also.