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‘We’ll take to the streets’: Libs preparing for a ‘National Day of Action’ on April 4 if Mueller report not released by 11:59 ET TONIGHT

A host of liberal activist groups are preparing for a “National Day of Action” on April 4 if the full Mueller report is not released by 11:50 tonight:
We're leading the effort with @MoveOn, @Public_Citizen, @IndivisibleTeam, @MarchForTruth17, @CommonCause, @PeopleFor and others because it’s time for the Trump admin to .

If tomorrow's deadline is not met, we’ll take to the streets. Join us: Text RSVP to 21333.

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“Take to the streets”!


We're joining @MoveOn @StandUpAmerica @Public_Citizen @peoplefor + more in announcing a NATIONAL DAY OF ACTION on April 4th to rally for the immediate release of the Mueller report!

Join us & find an event near you at http://commoncause.org/redline 

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Rachel Maddow even promoted the group on her show last night:
: @Maddow is FIRST to report on a National Day of Action that will happen this THURSDAY, April 4, if Attorney General Barr does not release the full Mueller report and all underlying evidence to Congress by tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. ET.

WATCH and spread the word:
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According to the website, they have 235 marches planned around the country:
But why stop at a street protest? Time for a “GENERAL STRIKE”:


  1. go ahead and march around and wave signs and chant little slogans.
    but if any of yalls breaks my or my neighbors windows then better be prepared for some hurt.
    april 4 - thanks for the warning.

  2. Barr said he needed 2 weeks. Muller took more than 2 years. Take to the streets and prove you are a group of ‘crazies’.