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Whoops! Gun-grabbing comedian Christopher Titus accidentally makes great case for smaller government

Comedian Christopher Titus hates guns and anyone who doesn’t hate guns. He’s made that perfectly clear. The problem is that he’s also really, really bad at arguing against gun rights.
Case in point:
1600 hours to become a cosmetologist.
Barber another 1600 more hours of training.
Gun training 0 hours.

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Is he absolutely sure about that “gun training” part?
Huh, imagine that. Where is the right to become a cosmetologist or a barber enshrined in the Constitution?

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It's dumb that you need 1600 hours to be legally allowed to engage in those professions; most professional uses of guns do involve special training, though of course how much depends on the profession.

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NRA used to sponsor gun safety in high schools... l remember taking the class as it reinforced my father’s teachings on the matter. Many on the left found it to be a terrible idea and it was discontinued. There is a great deal of training done through many organizations.

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I had to get 10 hours of classroom and range training to get my carry permit. Maybe some states don't require it, but responsible gun owners are always training.

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If you want to professionally carry a gun there is extensive training required. If you want to cut your kid’s hair there is no training required. Perhaps you should work on comparing apples to apples.

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Anyone who uses a firearm professionally does indeed get training. Conversely private people can buy their own scissors or hair trimmer and do their own hair without any training as well. Did you think about this one? Or just sent it right away?

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Mentions of cosmetologists in the Constitution: 0
(you can guess the rest)
(And this argument doesn't make the point you think it does.)

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It doesn’t really make a good anti-gun argument … but it makes a pretty great one for occupational licensing reform.
Getting a ccw where I live requires a year of training, series of background checks, certified proof of training and mental fitness, registration of firearms, and a safety course.

But yes thank you for pointing out that the occupational licensing burden on Americans is absurd.
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I had to go through a chunk of training for my CCW. I was actually one of the few chosen to sit down with the Sheriff and explain why I need/want a CC.
Also. Hot take here. You shouldn’t need 1600 hours to be a cosmetologist.
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100% agree. There is no reason for these extensive training hours for an occupational liscence.
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This is a disgrace. It's such a scam that barbers and cosmetologist have to go through all that bullshidd. It's nice to se Titus fighting against unreasonable government regulation.
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This doesn’t make the point you’re trying to make. But makes a great point about the American government stifling enterprise
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