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Woman squares off with couple wearing Nazi regalia at Holocaust memorial

A brave woman told off a couple wearing swastika armbands and giving the Nazi salute at a Holocaust memorial.
On April 11th, Sondra Pierson, 47, a bookkeeper from Rhode Island was meeting friends for drinks at the Parkside Rotisserie & Bar in Providence when she saw a couple across the street wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat, swastika armbands, and “White Lives Matter” pins, as first reported by the Providence Journal. Looking closer, Pierson saw swastikas tattoos in place of his eyebrows.
“I said, ‘Am I actually seeing this?’” Pierson tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “People around me said the same thing. I took their photo almost to convince myself it was happening.”
The couple walked into the Rhode Island Holocaust Memorial dedicated partly to the state’s last living survivors. “I was furious — I grabbed my coat and said, ‘Oh hell no,’” Pierson tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “My friends yelled at me to come back.”
When Pierson reached the memorial site, she saw the couple leaning against statues and laughing. “They were taking pictures of each other and giving the Nazi salute,” she says.
According to Pierson, she said, ‘What the f*** do you think you’re doing? How dare you,” and the woman sarcastically replied, “Thank you so much, I so appreciate your input...let me guess — you’re Jewish?”
“I said, ‘I’m not, just a decent human being,’” Pierson tells Yahoo Lifestyle.
Teens who were skateboarding overheard and filmed the couple. “The woman dared them to put the videos on YouTube,” says Pierson. “Then they went to the World War II Memorial.”
Pierson says she made two 911 calls and read the license plate number of the couple’s white Cadillac to the operator. “Two police cars drove by but they didn’t stop,” she says.
During after-hours, Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to the Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island and the Providence Police Department but did not hear back.
“I don’t like confrontation but when you see something so reprehensible, you have to stand up,” Pierson tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “It’s not brave, just a natural reaction.”


  1. .......you see something so reprehensible, you have to stand up.......

    when you see someone expressing his or her first amendment rights, you have to stop it if it does not conform to your personal definition of deceny or your limited understanding of history. Free speech as long as I an my friends set the limits, standards and boundaries. Free soeech for the chosen ............few.

  2. Always remember that offence is ALWAYS TAKEN and never given. The First Amendment is the bedrock of any democracy and while it is free speech it also contains, free thought, free choice and so many other aspects. Attributed to Voltaire ( paraphrase) I may hate what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it. The idea that anyone should feel morally superior to someone else's beliefs, what they wear, whether tattooed or not is quite literally training people to be Stasi operatives. It was announced that in East Germany one person in every six people was an informer so this is the US today and it will only get worse.