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‘WTF were you THINKING?!’ Blue-check Conservative received QUESTIONABLE private message from Eric Swalwell and YIKES

Either Rep. Eric Swalwell was doing a little late-night private messaging (yikes) OR he has the worst and most thirsty social media managers on Earth.
You’d think a guy running for president would know better than private messaging Conservatives … then again, this is Eric we’re talking about.
Adam Trahan is a far better person than this editor because if Eric DM’d her she’d plaster it all over Twitter and drag the ever-loving snot out of him for it. Adam continued.
I truly wouldn’t share this if I thought there was a decent human being deep down inside of you, but I don’t. I have zero respect for you Swalwell. You exemplify everything wrong with contemporary national politics.

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Makes ya’ wonder, right?
And while Adam wouldn’t send a screenshot of the DM to this editor no matter how much she begged (and yes, she begged and it was sorta pathetic), he did send the top of the message to prove he received a DM from the presidential hopeful.
Like Adam said, what was he THINKING?!

Don’t give him any ideas.
Join the club.
There ya’ go!
Pics or didn’t happen. Jk I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt you’re telling the truth and if you are you have more integrity than the average journalist
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Notice we wrote about it … Adam is better than this editor. Such is life!

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