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‘You are the worst’: Ilhan Omar thinks this clapback at Donald Trump makes her look fierce (SPOILER: It doesn’t)

Donald Trump pretty much thinks anyone questioning his integrity is out to get him.
He’s got that in common with Ilhan Omar:
Oh, yes. Poor victim Ilhan Omar has just lived through Donald Trump harassing by drawing more attention to her shameful remarks about the 9/11 terrorists. And she’s emerged from that “harassment” stronger than ever until she says something heinous again and people point it out and then she can cry “dangerous incitement” and whine some more.

Anyway, what’s she got to complain about?
Parting reminder:


  1. STOP blasting the young woman Omar... Get this and scribe it on your forehead--the attacks of 911 where 100% USA/Isreal operations. Do some basic thinking and research.

  2. more biased reporting, her remarks were NOT "shameful" except to sheeple who fell for the govt fairytale. trump is showing how immature and petty he is by playing on twitter.