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You called down the thunder well you GOT IT! Dana Loesch DROPS gun-conTROLL harpy threatening her family (deleted and ran!)

Another day, another disgusting, filthy, POS troll going after Dana Loesch and threatening her kids. It just makes absolutely zero sense to this editor … which in the grand scheme of things is probably a good thing because who wants to understand anyone that awful in the first place.
Dana being Dana, handled it with her typical badassery:
Dear Idiot Trolls,
If you’re going to go after someone on Twitter, leave their kids out of it. This isn’t difficult. Especially if you’re going to go after Dana because this NEVER ever ends well for the troll.

Big kisses and lots of hugs,
Seriously. Don’t do THIS.
After repeatedly wishing forty family to be murdered as your gun control advocacy, @FromVega , you lock your account? You were so brazen before. Own your words.
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This ‘person’ did more than just lock their account when Dana called them out …
Womp womp.
There are some really awful people out there. Man.
To be clear, I share only maybe 1% of the unhinged responses out there, simply to showcase what’s out there. I know people don’t want read awful comments all day. It is a reality, though, that this is apparently how many think. This is the level of polarization.
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If this is only 1% of what Dana gets on a daily basis that’s just crazy. Jack Dorsey spends an awful lot of time claiming he cares about the safety and security of his users … and he wonders why we so often call bullsh*t.
Dana continued.
I’m not mad at them, except to find disgust with those who think it’s OK to threaten or use children, rather I pity them for being so easily mislead. Avoid matching their hatred in anger.
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Have we mentioned Dana is far nicer than we are?
And the troll STILL ran. Heh.


  1. this is a fight for you soul https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IyGNZ_AG2cM

  2. Rights triumphing over wrongs !!