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Bless their HEARTS! Matt Walsh triggers confused American feminists by pointing out WHY they’re confused and ROFL

Being a modern-day feminist seems like a super confusing thing to be. It must be hard to keep up with everything and everyone you’re supposed to blame for oppressing you while being angry that you’re oppressed while ignoring real oppression around the world.
That’s a lot of oppression, right?
Matt Walsh framed this confusion perfectly by highlighting mixed messaging from feminists about women’s’ bodies.
"Women are oppressed in America because they aren't allowed to go topless in public and also wow that hijab is so wonderful" -- confused American feminists

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Told ya’. Super confusing.
It’s very simple, Matt. Women fight being oppressed in America by glorifying our oppression in other countries. I don’t see what’s so confusing.

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A confused feminist is an angry feminist which is probably why they’re always so mad.
Broad views.
And here come the angry, confused feminists now …

Yeah, men can be feminists.
Then again we probably shouldn’t assume this person’s gender, right?
Lotta dudes here.
“I don’t understand that the issue here is not about the piece of cloth itself, (or lack thereof) it’s about the freedom to make that choice as an individual” — very confused “intellectuals.”
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So much oppression.
No, hijab is not "wonderful" & most western feminists don't say so. It's about women having the right to wear or not wear whatever they want without being discriminated for it. If you support freedom of choice, you will defend people's right to very different choices.
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That's actually what freedom of choice is about. It's not about promoting a certain lifestyle but rather about accepting both ends of the spectrum and everthing in between.
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*shakes angry fist in solidarity*
As we said up there, so many male feminists triggered here.
Ok, maybe not male … whatever you call a male feminist.
Nothing confusing about women being able to choose these things for themselves, Matt. I mean, clearly it confuses you. But people who see women as equals are fine with this.
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You’re a dude.

Annnd we’re done here.

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  1. Women score two points (on average) below men on IQ tests.