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Brian Sims’ Disastrous Apology Letter Insults Protesters and Asks for Money with Smug ‘P.S.’

Democratic Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims became the subject of news reports in recent weeks after he had posted to social media video of himself harassing peaceful pro-life protesters doing nothing more than praying outside of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Philadelphia.
In response to the significant backlash he had received for his arrogant and hateful behavior, Sims issued a sort of not-sorry apology that, at best, admitted his actions may have been over the top and uncalled for as part of the left’s broader fight to protect abortion rights.
He did not apologize to the older woman or teenage girls he had berated and threatened to “doxx” by having their identities revealed to all online.
Sims has continued to be the subject of calls to his state party’s leadership for accountability, and as a result, he issued yet another defiant non-apology apology that came across as an angry rant against any and all who disagree with him on a number of issues, including abortion.
Reporter Salena Zito tweeted screenshots of the non-apology fundraising email from Sims that she had obtained, and wrote, “.@BrianSimsPA is sorry not sorry. What he really is, is angry. REALLY ANGRY. Check out his fundraising email he sent out. Wonder if @RepTurzai will censure this guy?”

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.@BrianSimsPA is sorry not sorry. What he really is, is angry. REALLY ANGRY. Check out his fundraising email he sent out. Wonder if @RepTurzai will censure this guy?
Sims’ message started off nicely enough, and it appeared as though he was finally issuing a delayed apology to all who had been insulted and offended by his hateful, anti-Christian antics toward the pro-life supporters.
“I recognize my behavior was aggressive and that I acted in an inappropriate way. For that, I am truly sorry,” Sims wrote (emphasis in original).

Sims proceeded to blame his “aggressive” and “inappropriate” behavior on the fact that he was, and is, “angry” — angry at how “pro-life protesters use racism and white privilege to attack people of color in my district and across the nation, for seeking critical health care.”
He professed his anger for the recent success of the pro-life movement in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio and other states — inevitable court challenges notwithstanding — and his anger at how “anti-choice zealots are causing panic, anger, confusion, and rage for so many women.”
He also said he was angry with how Republicans were working to allegedly deny women access to basic health care.
Sims’ anger branched out to other issues as well, such as criminal justice and “systemic racism” and inequality, not to mention the drug epidemic, gun violence, and failing public school systems … which apparently are all the fault of racist and privileged Republicans or some other such nonsense.
He circled back to, again, sort of, apologize for his crass behavior that had been caught on video, but in doing so, he revealed the true recipients of his sorrow and appeal for mercy … and it wasn’t the women he harassed or those who disagree with him on the issue of abortion.

Instead, Sims’ apology was aimed solely at “the staff, volunteers, and patients of Planned Parenthood.”
“I’m sorry to have created this distraction,” he said.
He followed that by vowing to continue to fight for the right of women to murder their unborn babies, sans any further “distraction” from him such as publicly shaming an older woman or threatening to expose the identities of young girls praying for the lives of unborn children.
Sims closed his fundraising “apology” email with a post-script that read, “If you share in this anger and want to help ensure women have autonomy over their bodies here in Pennsylvania, you can join me in supporting Planned Parenthood with a contribution today.”
This man is truly a horrendous person who has not learned a single thing amid all the controversy his actions brought about, as he just launched a despicable attack on the very people that he should have been apologizing to.
Brian Sims is a shamelessly hypocritical bully with a level of arrogant ignorance and unearned self-righteousness that is just sickening.

At the very least he deserves to be officially censured by the Pennsylvania state House, if not removed from that legislative body altogether, if only so he can pursue his narrow pro-abortion activism full time instead of continuing to fraudulently pose as a representative for the people.

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