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Bud Light Panders to LGBT Group with New Bottle Design

Bud Light: The beer you drink when you didn’t even want to drink a beer but the person you’re eating dinner with orders it for you. It’s pretty much the McDonald’s drive-through of adult beverages, what you’ll have when there’s literally no other choice available.
And now, when you drink it, you’ll be supporting LGBT causes, whether you want to or not. Because consuming swill wasn’t awful enough.
“In honor of Pride Month, Bud Light will be selling special rainbow bottles in partnership with the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD),” the Daily Wire reported Friday.
“The new limited-edition bottles will be available in bars nationwide throughout the month of June. For every case of rainbow bottles sold from May 27 to June 30, Bud Light will donate $1 to GLAAD, up to $150,000 to assist in their efforts of creating a world where everyone can live the life they love,” a press release read.
“The new bottle is the latest effort in a 20-year partnership between Bud Light and GLAAD. The bottles will make their debut at the upcoming GLAAD Media Awards this weekend in New York City before arriving in bars next month,” a press release reads.

“In addition to the updated color scheme inspired by the LGBTQ Pride flag, the reimagined Bud Light Pride bottle also swaps out the iconic Bud Light creed that’s printed on the crest of the bottle for words of inclusivity and support.”
Because yeah. Inclusivity. Stuff.
Now, I have absolutely no doubt this was as carefully focus-groupped as New Coke was. Sure, Bud and/or Bud Light have been proud sponsors of the LGBT community, as previously noted, but they haven’t been proud sponsors of the LGBT community in a fashion that involved rainbow bottles.

And let me tell you — this definitely involves rainbow bottles.
“Bud Light has been a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community since the 80s and we are excited to continue our long-standing partnership with GLAAD by collaborating with them on this new commemorative bottle that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community and everything GLAAD does to support it,” Andy Goeler, Bud Light vice president of marketing, said in a statement.
“The way we see it, our beer is for everyone to enjoy, so we are looking forward to seeing Pride bottles at bars throughout the month of June and beyond.  With the release of these new bottles, we hope to create something that everyone can feel proud to hold during Pride month that also makes a positive impact for GLAAD’s initiatives and the LGBTQ+ community overall.” 
GLAAD agreed.
“For twenty consecutive years, Bud Light has partnered with GLAAD in its mission to accelerate acceptance of LGBTQ people,” Zeke Stokes, GLAAD chief programs officer, said. 
“Bud Light stood with the community at a time when many brands did not, and their continued outspoken support sets the bar for other global brands.”
Which is fine. Brands can do what they want. But there’s the rub: consumers can do what they want, too. And if rainbow-labeled Bud Light works for them, hey, go for it.
But that’s not a popular position — which is exactly the problem. It has nothing to do with bigotry, but rather the fact that people are tired of virtue signaling.
Yes, congratulations, the bottle has a rainbow on it. It still tastes like swill. And the virtue signaling won’t do anything except alienate customers.

But the rainbow bottles do look newsworthy, I suppose. So there is that. Then again, this is faint praise for the people who have brought us a) the Bud Bowl and b) undrinkable beer. Take that as you will.


  1. There is not enough "audience' to warrant this fiasco. It's not gonna go over.....drop the rainbow crap....

  2. Next they will have Rainbow everything communities,
    And Rainbow Marts by walmart and Rainbow schools and Rainbow painted cars.
    Now whwn you see a rainbow in the sky you can Puke.

  3. It's amazing how a natural beautiful phenomenon like the colours of the rainbow have been despoiled, perverted and rendered into political absurdity, all within the last thirty years.

  4. Now you have more alcoholics being confused than being just an alcoholic.

  5. A-B is doing to rainbows what Germany did to swastikas.