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CNN Host Finally Wakes Up, Realizes Trump May Not Be Getting Enough Credit

The U.S. economy is so impressive under President Donald Trump that CNN host Jake Tapper was forced to admit that it’s doing “astoundingly well.”
“Does the president get enough credit for the economy? It really is doing astoundingly well,” Tapper said to his panel on Friday.
Trump’s booming economy delivered 263,000 new jobs in April and the unemployment rate plummeted to 3.6%, the lowest such percentage since 1969.
The Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim told Tapper that the economy is Trump’s strongest case for being re-elected in 2020.
“Exactly. And the economy is by far his best case for re-election,” Kim said. Even so, Kim still found a way to blame Trump, not the media, for the lack of praise.
“And if he’s not getting the sufficient credit for the economy, it’s a lot of it because he steps on his own message,” Kim claimed.

“We were going to lead with the economy on the show, it was going to be the first block,” Tapper added. “We were going to sing the numbers that we just sang, and then President Trump decided to talk to Vladimir Putin … and all of that.”
The left-wing media might blame Trump for their own refusal to give him credit, but at least Tapper acknowledged that Trump’s economy is doing “astoundingly well.”

And Tapper wasn’t the only left-wing pundit who was forced to admit Trump’s economy is doing undeniably well. MSNBC anchor Chris Jansing also covered Trump’s economic boomand suggested that Democrats might have a challenge in opposing Trump, according to the Media Research Center.
“And breaking news, the April jobs report just released and, wow, employers adding 263,000 jobs, dropping the unemployment rate to the lowest in almost 50 years,” Jansing said. “Those numbers presenting a 2020 challenge for the Democrats as the President’s acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney reminded everybody this week once again, ‘It’s the economy, stupid.’”
Even the left-wing media is forced to admit that Trump’s market-friendly economic policieshave resulted in one of the strongest economies in decades.
The Democrats running for president in 2020 will have a hard time selling socialism to voters while Trump’s economy is roaring.


  1. “3.6% unemployment”?
    There are over 100 million Americans unemployed, please show me the math that supports that.
    The unemployment and inflation rates are TOTAL state propaganda, as is the claim that “Israel is our ally”, instead of them being a devious parasite upon Americans’ arteries.

  2. "Trump May Not Be Getting Enough Credit"

    when all is said and done, the trump will get all the credit that he deserves.

  3. Surprised that asshat didn't tell his audience that it was Obama who was responsible for the jobs report.