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Could this New York Times tongue-bath of Planned Parenthood’s president be any more fawning?

Dr. Leana Wen was named Planned Parenthood’s president back in November, so we’re not sure why The New York Times is just now getting around to publishing an obsequious profile of her? Was she just that busy on the front lines of the fight over women’s health care rights that she couldn’t sit for an interview?
Keep in mind that this is the newspaper that couldn’t stop gushing about Planned Parenthood’s $9 million facility in Queens. “Though it is a dark time for Planned Parenthood,” the Times reported, the organization had created “a bright new world: a health center where daylight streams in through large windows and skylights, where walls are painted in Easter-egg pastels.” Sounds like it would make a nice nursery.
Now it’s time for the paper to do the same for Wen, Nancy Pelosi’s guest at the State of the Union address, and they didn’t hold back:
Planned Parenthood does not sell baby parts. Anymore. Ever since they got caught on video doing it.
It’s a shame with her medical background she couldn’t find work, you know, not killing babies.
"bodily autonomy" - is this how you call it now? Premeditated?

Such a nice personal story until the closing statements.

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The left (which includes the NYT) loves phrases like “reproductive health care”.

If there’s something they are promoting which you find morally repugnant, they will gladly call it something else.

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If Dr. Wen would devote her efforts to saving babies’ lives instead of killing them this would be a real feel good story. Use as many euphemisms as you like but she’s running an organization that kills babies at rates that would make Hitler proud. Shame on her.

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She immigrated from a country that euthanizes children in the womb because of their gender (female). Kind of ironic, no?

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She immigrated here from China, a nation which forcibly aborted second pregnancies and which now has a lopsided gender ratio due to cultural preferences for sons, only to grow up to lead the US's largest abortion provider. Sick.

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Isn’t this the same paper that launched an ad campaign called “Truth is hard”? Maybe they could tell us when human life begins … or is that truth too hard?


  1. $9 million dollar new facility.....they must be expecting a real bumper crop of little body parts to sell to afford this!!!! Oh, that's right they don't sell body parts anymore....wink wink....they give them away for donations!!!!

    1. how does one sell 'body parts" of undeveloped fetus'? that allegation is beyond stupid.

  2. planned parenthood has been demonized by religious groups who do nothing to help those homeless and abused children that are already here.