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‘Discuss’: Sharyl Attkisson DROPS NYT’s Maggie Haberman for attempting to dunk on Trump’s concerns over Twitter censorship

President Trump has understandably voiced concerns about various right-wing people and groups being censored or even outright banned from various social media platforms, like James Woods or Paul Watson.
From Breitbart:
James Woods, one of the few conservative stars in Hollywood, has been locked out of his Twitter account for over a week now for “abusive behavior,” once again demonstrating the double standard the tech giant holds when it comes to enforcing rules.
Twitter suspended Woods for a tweet that read, “‘If you try to kill the King, you best not miss’ #HangThemAll,” according to his girlfriend Sara Miller.
But don’t worry about folks like Woods and Watson because they’re super bad about conspiracy theories and stuff … so says the New York Times’ Maggie Haberman.
Coming from someone who works for the New York Times and has spent years pushing the Russia hoax, this is hilarious.
Like us, Sharyl Attkisson thought this was worth discussing … heh.

Get her, Sharyl.
Sharyl is so freakin’ awesome.
Right... Their “sources” and leaks that turned out to be wrong, not just a few, but every single one. Their endless speculation that was merely opinion... All of it fed to the American people as the truth for 2 years, and instead of admitting they were wrong, they sing praise🤮
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It’s different when they do it or something.
If these are the new rules, yep.

Same goes with EVERY newspaper that has ever published stories that get corrected days later.

Not good enough. Get your facts straight or get out.

You wanted the rules to be like this, you got it, MSM.
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NOT government regulation but agreed, if they want these type of ‘rules’ then it should apply to all of them.
Even the precious New York Times.
See a lot of that these days.

‘Nuff said.

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