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‘Don’t miss the BIG picture!’ Sharyl Attkisson DROPS the mic in tweet about WHY ‘Deep State’ did NOT want Trump to win

We’ve been hearing so much about the ‘Deep State’ and what they may or may not have done under Obama’s administration during the 2016 Election. And if even a sliver of what we’ve heard is true, this is some scary stuff.
But to Sharyl Attkisson’s point, the intel community’s ‘spying’ predates 2016.
Don't miss the big picture. The intel community's spying on non-national-security-threats *way* predates 2016. It's what the intel community wanted to ensure a new, independent, unpredictable President didn't dig into.

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That’s why they didn’t want Trump to win. He wasn’t part of the establishment and God forbid someone with no experience or skin in their sneaky game end up president of the United States. And yet here we are, Trump won, and every day it seems like these folks are about to get caught.

There are moments when ‘independent and unpredictable’ makes us a little nutty but we’re not sure any other Republican could have dealt with this level of dirt better than Trump.
Though I have no way of knowing . . . I suspected that the Intel community (Deep State) has done this sort of thing before AND done it at even the House congressional level.
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Yup, Sharyl definitely knows what she’s talking about when it comes to Americans being spied on.
That's why they all hated Trump, the only candidate they didn't have any dirt / power over. That's why they tried to create it!
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Well, there was plenty of dirt but none of it disqualifying to be president.
It didn’t hurt that Trump ran against someone as horrible and as dirty as Hillary Clinton.
Yep and it will continue. The legacy media is way too chummy with the government and look the other way. It will not get better until we can easily tell where the press starts and the politicians end.
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In other words, not any time soon.

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