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Facts: The Truth About Rape/Incest Abortions That Every American Needs To Know

Most women who obtained abortions in Florida last year were not seeking to terminate their pregnancies due to rape, incest or health problems, data reveals.
Liberals often defend the practice by claiming women who have been victimized by sexual assault and/or incest need access to abortion. However, they frequently neglect to mention the real reasons most women seek abortions.
Statistics from Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration show that of the 70,083 abortions that were carried out in 2018, just 0.14 percent (101 abortions) were sought “due to rape.”
Meanwhile, 0.01 percent (eight abortions) of the total number were sought “due to incest,” the statistics revealed.
And most women did not get abortions because of health-related problems, either. 
“A life endangering physical condition” was cited as a reason for 0.28 percent (194) of the abortions, while “physical health of the mother that is not life endangering” was provided as a reason for 1,034 abortions, or 1.5 percent of the total number.
The overwhelming majority of women who sought abortions said nothing about health, rape or incest.
More than three-quarters of the reported abortions (52,844) were classified as “elective,” meaning the woman did not provide a reason for obtaining the procedure.
And 20 percent of the abortions, 14,031 to be exact, were “due to social or economic reasons.” 
Pro-abortion advocates often insist that abortion is a last resort.
They focus on rare cases of rape, incest and health problems, while ignoring that for most women, getting an abortion is a lifestyle choice.
Now, there’s an understandable philosophical divide on abortion when it comes to cases of rape, incest and health, but those cases are uncommon.
It should go without saying that women who become pregnant by no choice of their own, or women whose lives are endangered by their pregnancies, deserve our sympathy and love.
But even babies conceived in rape or incest are made in the image of God and deserve to be kept alive. 
Health of the mother is a thorny issue too, but as Florida’s statistics show, the vast majority of abortions are not performed because the mother’s life is at risk.
Leftists will always focus on these extreme and rare occurrences, but they’re missing, or just ignoring, an important point: Innocent unborn babies should not be murdered for frivolous reasons.
In 2018, over 60,000 innocent babies died in Florida because they were unwanted.
Ever since the Supreme Court’s decision in Roe v. Wade, the landmark case that legalized abortion nationwide, millions more have been slaughtered.
Just for the sake of argument: Would liberals agree to an abortion ban except for cases of rape, incest and health?
Of course not, because that would prevent the majority of abortions from occurring.
These figures from Florida only confirm what pro-life advocates already knew: Easy access to abortion enables irresponsible behavior and frivolous abortions.
It’s inevitable that more women will seek abortions for any reason possible as the barbaric practice continues to become normalized.
The left has gotten away with their lies about abortion for far too long.
Americans need to know the truth.

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