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GRRL BYE! Alyssa Milano tries picking a fight with Wendy’s over spicy chicken nuggets annnd now we’re DEAD

Wendy’s started a Twitter campaign where they promised to bring back spicy chicken nuggets if this tweet received 2 million likes …
And as you can see, Wendy’s hit their goal so we’re assuming spicy chicken nuggets will be back on the special menu here soon.
Social media WORKS!
Probably the biggest push for the little nuggets of spicy chicken goodness came from Chance the Rapper.
This apparently triggered Alyssa Milano because you know, spicy chicken nugget privilege is really a thing.
.@chancetherapper did you know @Wendys is the only fast food chain refusing to protect farmworker women from sexual assault & rape in the fields? Message for the people in charge: Instead of spicy nuggets, we want food that is harvested w/ dignity NOT violence.

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What a nag.
She went on.

Alyssa tried picking a fight with Wendy’s last year, and like this year, they ignored her then as well.
Oh, and calling Chance the Rapper out was … not bright.
Leave Chance alone!! You said it isn't about POLICY!?! RIGHT?? where are the rhoa producers when I need the tape rolled back on dat ass!! Girl bye... let me know when whos the boss reruns are back on....
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Yeah, just chill.
Seriously dude just asked for spicy nuggets back and people acting like he has to critic Wendy's for every wrongdoing they have.
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In the fields where they grow their spicy chicken nuggets, duh.
Note, we did some digging and were able to find one tweet from Wendy’s to Alyssa Milano which seems a bit contradictory to her current attitude toward the fast-food franchise.
Thx @Alyssa_Milano for tweeting about our 50 cent donation to kids in foster care for each Frosty purchased this weekend!!!
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Flippin’ and a floppin’, that’s Alyssa’s way.

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