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Horrifying Video Shows Girl, 8, Abducted As Frantic Mom Screams In Street

Video shows the frightening moment when a mother desperately attempts to save her daughter from a drive by abductor.
The video shows 8-year-old Salem Sabatka being pulled into a car and her mother jumping in after her to save her.
But the kidnapper shoved the mother out of the car and then drove off with the girl as the mother screamed and ran frantically in the street.
KIDNAPPING: Zoom in on video, police say you can see mom being tossed from car after she tried to jump in to get her 8yo daughter Salem Sabatka. Police working this is a kidnapping -- started on 6th Ave in Ryan Place area of FW. Please follow @fortworthpd for how to help. @wfaa
Thank God the 8-year-old was found hours later safe and sound, but in the hotel room of a 51-year-old man who has been arrested, The Daily Mail reported.
An Amber Alert was issued for Salem, who is 4’5″, shortly after her abduction, describing the suspect as a ‘light skinned black male of skinny build’ and the car as a dark gray four-door sedan with alloy wheels.

The alert included a photo of Salem wearing the same shirt she had on when she was taken.
Two citizens reported seeing a car that matched the Amber Alert description in the parking lot of the WoodSprings Suites hotel in Forest Hill and contacted authorities.

Officers dispatched to the hotel determined which room the suspect was staying in and breached the door.
Salem was reportedly found in good condition but was taken to a local hospital to be checked out, Officer Buddy Calzada said at the press conference early Sunday.
Police have not released the name of the suspect but said he is a 51-year-old male who is not related to Salem. 
Thank you to everybody who did whatever they could to aid in helping find community was swift and diligent
Praise God .... Fort Worth Texas Police Officers helped by social media warriors ..., for all the negatives about social media through social media citizens blanketed the city !!
I cheered out loud! Thank you thank you thank you @fortworthpd and all Law Enforcement that helped bring this sweet girl back to her family !

Thank You Ft. Worth Police For Everything You Do. Thank You 2 The Citizens Who Saved This Little Girls Life. “GOD BLESS YOU ALL”.

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