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‘LOST your mind’! As right-wingers are suspended for ‘spreading conspiracies’ Rob Reiner still FREE to spew this BS about Trump

It’s simple.
Rob Reiner has lost his ever-loving mind.
Trump winning the election sort of broke him, but then when Mueller came back and said there was no collusion we’re pretty sure that sent Rob completely over the edge.
Seriously, look at this crazy.
It’s simple. I rob a bank & say if you hide me & don’t tell the cops, I’ll give you some money. That’s what Trump did. Putin robbed. Trump hid Putin. Trump didn’t tell the cops. Trump was rewarded. Aiding & abetting. Accessory to a crime. And a lot more. Impeach then lock him up!

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If Rob started babbling about gay frogs he’d give Alex Jones a run for his money.
Archie was right.

Meh...sorry Reiner, you're not going to get that part in the upcoming movie about Clarence Darrow. There are plans for another remake of the Flintstones soon though.

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Dino maybe?
Meathead Translation: "I really don't care that the DOJ was weaponized against a political opponent - ORANGE MAN BAD."
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He is awfully vested in Trump being removed from office.
Wonder why that is?
For pushing dangerous conspiracy theories.
Yet here’s Rob, babbling paranoid nonsense conspiracy theories about Trump and Russia with his pretty blue check.
We are starting to believe it’s a real mental illness.
Dude ... no. This did not happen and your fantasy that is did shows your deep mental illness. Please seek help.
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Twitter only expects proof from mean ol’ right-wingers.


  1. Mueller Report in nutshell:

    Man suspects wife is cheating. Man hires private detective. Detective says there is no evidence that the wife is cheating.

    Man suspects wife is having an affair with private detective.

  2. Rob Whiner? Back in the day wasn't Rob Norman Lear's #1 Sphincter Boy?